Choose the Right Trimmer for the Job

There really is no such thing as “the best weed wacker”. I guess you should be asking “What is the best weed wacker for my job?”. The problem is many people just don’t know what to look for in a weed wacker to do the job they need done. They either wind up spending too much money on a commercial trimmer for a tiny job or they end up wasting their money on a cheap trimmer that doesn’t cut it.

Before selecting a trimmer get a list of all the types of area you would like to trim. Areas of heavy growth will require a bit more heavy duty machine. If you are only looking to trim grass growth under hedges, flower beds, and around fences you may want to consider a lightweight electric trimmer.

Electric Weed Eaters

There are some great electric trimmer models out on the market now days that can handle a standard yard. These weed wackers can accommodate a wide range of people because they are light weight and easy to handle. Older people and women find the electric trimmer models most comfortable to use as well. Please keep in mind that most electric trimmer motors do not have the same kind of power a gas trimmer would have. They can’t handle thick weeds or brush and will often die out due to the power strain it takes to cut thick brush. Read our Worx Trimmer Review for more information on electric weed eaters.

The Best of Both Worlds – Choosing a Trimmer

If you have problems handling a gas trimmer for long periods of time you may want to consider buying two trimmers one electric and one gas. Small choirs can be done easily with your electric trimmer and you tougher jobs can be handle with your gas trimmer. While this is a bit more expensive of an option you might just save yourself some effort in the long run.

Gas Powered Weed Wackers

Gas weed wackers are a bit more confusing for people to purchase. When looking for the best weed wacker for your property you’ll want to consider the engine size. If you have an acre or more of property you will want to move toward a 20cc + engine. The more ccs an engine has the more commercial it is considered to be. Keep in mind that a mid range model for small property owners might do the job at first but simply can not stand up to the strain of constant use. Commercial weed wackers are built to be used for several hours a day. There are many popular names in gas powered weed eaters. We recommend reading our Husqvarna Trimmer Review for more information.

On Weed Wacker Attachments

Many Gas trimmers now come with a number of helpful features. One feature that many companies have tried to tackle is limiting the effort your gas weed wacker takes to cold start. This can be a useful feature for people who might not have the strength to start a normal pull engine. Most gas weed wackers are two cycle engines. This means you will need to mix your gasoline and oil before fueling up the trimmer. Many new commercial grade trimmers now have engines which do not require mixing. If you have a considerable amount of work to do you will want to consider buying one of these types of string trimmers.